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The ramped surface 20 r on the anvil 20 is located proximal to a pivot point at which the anvil 20 is attached to the first jaw The invention claimed is: The couplers 28 , 30 also function to house certain components of the end effector A person skilled in the particular pattern of the slits 32 can vary, and that FIG. In other aspects, methods and devices are provided for moving a flexible neck formed on a distal end of an accessory channel for use with an endoscope. Devices for enclosing, manipulating, debulking and removing tissue through minimal incisions.

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Modular motor driven surgical instruments with alignment features for aligning rotary drive shafts with surgical end effector shafts. For example, the handle can be coupled to the proximal end of the elongate shaft by a joint, such as a ball and socket joint, a hinge joint, or a flexing joint.

As a result, only small movements of the handle will be necessary to allow large movements of the flexible neck For example, the ball 13 a can be spherical and it can be captured within a spherical socket formed in the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft 12or a mating element, such as a pin, can extend through the ball 13 a to retain the ball 13 a within the socket Hollow body organ stapling instrument and disposable cartridge employing relief vents.

For example, the device can include a plurality of cables extending along a length of the shaft and equally spaced apart from one another around a circumference of the actuator. Various mating techniques can be used to retain the cables a – d within the bores a – d.

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Where the actuator includes multiple cables, the cables are preferably equally spaced apart from one another around a circumference of the elongate nyron.

The present invention provides method and devices for controlling a working end of an endoscopic surgical device. The housing includes several, e. Such a configuration allows tension to be applied to the cables to articulate the end effector, yet allows the cables to bb36-141d to an initial linear configuration without having to manipulate the handle. The surgical device of claim 1 wherein the flexible shaft portion of the elongate shaft comprises a flexible neck that is formed on a distal end of the elongate shaft.


By way of non-limiting example, FIG. Stapling instrument having an anvil-carrying part of particular geometric shape. Surgical anastomosis stapling instrument with flexible support shaft and anvil adjusting mechanism. The handle and the flexible neck can be operatively associated such that movement of the handle is effective to cause the flexible neck to articulate in multiple planes.

Powered surgical cutting and stapling apparatus with manually retractable firing system. Pinned retainer surgical fasteners, instruments and methods for minimally invasive vascular and endoscopic surgery. An image display screen can be disposed on a proximal portion of the device and adapted to communicate with the optical image gathering unit to display the acquired images. The shaft and the cable actuators are similar to the shaft and cable actuators a – d previously described with respect to deviceand thus they will not be described in detail.

Locking arrangements for detachable shaft assemblies with articulatable surgical end effectors. As best shown in FIG. The socket 24 can be integrally formed with the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft, or it can be formed by coupling a hollow housing 12 cas shown, to the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft In another embodiment, the device can be in the form of an accessory channel and the elongate shaft can be in the form of a tube having an inner lumen adapted to receive a tool therethrough.

Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity. Master finger tracking device and method of use in a minimally invasive surgical system. Apparatus and method for applying surgical staples to attach an object to body tissue. Each cable 34 a – d can extend through a pathway, such as a lumen, formed on, in, or around the elongate shaft The accessory channel can have an inner lumen extending therethrough between proximal and distal ends thereof for receiving a tool, a flexible portion formed on a distal portion thereof and being made flexible by a plurality of slits formed therein, and at least one handle coupled to the proximal end thereof and operatively associated with the flexible portion such that the handle s is configured to cause the flexible portion to articulate in at least one plane.


An ultrasonic surgical handpiece and an energy initiator to maintain the vibration and linear dynamics.

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The invention will be more fully understood from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:.

While the particular mating features can vary depending on the configuration of the actuator, in an exemplary embodiment the joystick on the handle includes four legs abcd formed thereon.

The ramped surface 20 r on the anvil 20 is located proximal to a pivot point at which the anvil 20 is attached to the first jaw Mimicking motion can include corresponding motion, whereby the end effector 16 moves in the same direction and orientation as the handle 14or mirrored motion, whereby the end effector vamera moves in an opposite direction and orientation as the handle The surgical device of claim 14 wherein the end effector further comprises means for fastening tissue on each side of a cut line formed therein by the tissue cutting member.

Malleable, bioabsorbable,plastic camerz having a knotted configuration; and method and apparatus for deforming such staple.