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The case-sensitive user name used to connect to the DB2 database. ResultSet Metadata Support If your application requires table name information, the DB2 driver can return table name information in ResultSet metadata for Select statements. Reauthentication The DB2 driver supports reauthentication for the following databases: AuthenticationMethod Determines which authentication method the driver uses when establishing a connection. If false , the driver sends binary stream data that is less than 32K to the database as Long Varchar for Bit Data data. The client must be administered by the same domain controller that administers the database server and must be running on one of the following operating systems:. This property replaces the CollectionId property; however, the CollectionId property is still recognized for backward compatibility.

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This password often is transmitted over the network and can possibly be intercepted by malicious hackers. If a conversion between the requested type and column type is not defined, the driver generates an “unsupported data conversion” exception regardless of the data type of the column value. The result set column is described with a column type of CLOB and the column type name is xml. The following example shows a data source definition that specifies the server name using IPv6 format:.

See the following related information: The table name information that is returned by the DB2 driver depends on whether the column in a result set maps to a column in a table in the database.

Powerful IBM DB2 JDBC Driver

This field is primarily for users who need to add an “in database” clause. To use the drivers with a WebLogic client, you must copy the following files to the client and add them to the classpath on the client:.


Determines whether the cursor stays open on commit—either DB2 leaves all cursors open Preserve cursors or closes all open cursors Delete cursors after a commit. The DB2 driver supports retrieving the values of auto-generated keys. If they do not, the driver automatically creates them. For the list of the connection properties specific to each Oracle Type 4 JDBC driver, see the appropriate driver chapter:.

If 0, the driver’s internal prepared statement pooling is not enabled. Your application can use the setCurrentUser method in the ExtConnection interface to switch a user dv2 a connection.

This property is recognized for backward compatibility, but we recommend that you use the AuthenticationMethod property to set the authentication method used by the driver. PropertyPermission “false”, “read”; permission java. Db22 a buffer size that is a power of 2 results in more efficient memory use.

I am working on a J2EE app that has been around awhile. Parameter Metadata Support The DB2 driver supports returning parameter metadata as described in this section. If the setCurrentUser method is called and this option is not specified or the value is d2b to USERthe path is switched to the path of the current user.

IDUG : Forums : Type2/Type4 Connection

DJo 1, 12 A code page to be used to convert Character and Clob data. This property is supported only for data source connections.

Non-Default Schemas for Catalog Methods To ensure that catalog methods function correctly when the CatalogSchema property is set to a schema other than the default schema, views for the catalog tables listed in Table must exist in the specified schema.


If the value of this property is set to 20, the driver caches the last 20 prepared statements that are created by the application. To use insensitive scrollable cursors or to perform client-side sorting of DatabaseMetaData result sets, all code bases must have access to temporary files.

Setting MaxPooledStatements to an integer greater than zero 0 enables the driver’s internal prepared statement pooling, which is useful when the driver is not running from within an application server or another application that provides its own prepared statement pooling. If this property is not specified, the truststore password is specified by the javax. Zip file is about 7 MBs, in contains DB2 9.

If set to 0 the default and the ResultSetMetaData. I thimnk Its in the way the driver is setup and used. July 16, In most cases, you do not need to create DB2 packages because the DB2 driver automatically creates them at connection time. WebLogic Server installs a generic file that you must modify for your environment. The argument to getColumns must evaluate to a single table. If the driver is configured to trust any certificate sent from the server, the issuer information in the certificate is ignored.