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Using the 62xx box I had lots of trouble with glitches every 60 seconds, but this box has been rock solid even with the VIA firewire chipset. It’s the onboard firewire from my Abit AS8. You can also record directly to your PC with the above model using firewire. There was a program which could crack the encryption, but it was a distributed program and they change keys every minute or 2 so you needed a full set of keys to get the video. HDTV support, Place your votes! The time now is Compatibility is not a guarantee of activation or acceptance of the unit by your provider.

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There have been no reviews. Do others see this happen ocasionally? If the Firewire is enabled you should be able to use it for capturing the video. I need to find out if the firewire is active, I will have to search the net to see what is out there. Ealier my firewire card and my on-the-motherboard firweire were sharing IRQ 7.

I think,therefore i am a hamster. Using motherboard intel chipset firewire and default settings when adding firewire capture device. Contact Us VideoHelp Top.

Motorola DCT Firewire Workaround ยท patrick dot wagstrom dot net

Thanks for posting the info MickMcGeough – I had everything configured firewire moto for channel changing and recording but gave up because of the difficulty of figuring out what was 5C and what wasn’t. The LCD display of the dct shows the digits flash by, as if it’s going to change channels, but then it glitches and reverts back to the channel it was already on instead of changing to the new channel.


Find all posts by baudfather. I think you may know this, but I want to mention it anyway as someone may find this thread later via an Internet search and look at it. Find all posts by viperdiablo. The only thing that bogs my system dft is commflag so I have turned that off.

My port started working. The only “batch” job I can think of that runs other than mythfilldatabase is mythlink — runs at 5 and 35 past the hour. Sat Dec 29, Direwire happens very infreqently.

I don’t use any premium channels, and so 5c has become a non-issue for me most of the time. The status query works, so at least you can check to see if it needs a power command.

Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Even then some channels are not usable because mythfrontend may get confused when trying to playback the non-compliant transport stream.

If you have a Linux server then it should work and Apple is also supported out of the box, although you may wish to find and install the FireRecord program to do your captures under Apple. Do the firewire ports only work with a Macintosh and OS X? It looks like what I thought was 5C protection was really just unstable channel changing. Firewire channel changing works perfectly; haven’t had any issues whatsoever.


Update information to current.

Hacking the Motorola DCT6200

Call Hitachi Canada between 9: For the best viewing experience please firesire your browser to Google Chrome. Channel change with “mythchanger -f 7 -c” MythTV internal changer did not work. Enjoy the astonishing picture and sound quality of High-Definition HD on your HD television, plus hundreds of channels of digital cable and advanced interactive features with this convenient one-box solution.

Using P2P at Mbps, it provides a solid picture on broadcast channels, but does not include basic cable channels though they are fiewire up with a cable card tuner. The box accepts Firewire channel changing. Sat Mar 25, 2: Results 1 to 3 of 3.