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Selecting [Ok] button will end the Bookmark function and it will go back to search screen. There is no password in the factory setup. Input camera number of related camera that will detect and record related motion at the same time. E-Map image will in to a full size screen when you select a character screen of E-Map image 2. In order to use 2Way audio function, above information should be applied to Remote and site simultaneously. Light and alarm speaker can be selected from list of the controller type.

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Avoid any place that has direct sun light or heat.

If the customer wants to get it repaired, we charge them with the fee. Drones are being digiinet to illegally smuggle items to prisoners.

Time has to be setup before the current time. For both direction conversation with using 2Way Audio, you need additional setting on Window.

Start your backup after the current work is completed: Unless this option is not selected, contents saved in a site are read out only when contents of memo book is first searched and after then only the first read memo is displayed.


DSU exclusive modem Router. digimet

DigiNet Site 4.13P7/Data1/setup.inf Driver File Contents (DigiNet_Site_4.13P7.zip)

We recommend that the administrator to change password. When basically printing, image size will depends on the zoomed out size on the screen If it does not print 1.

Once verification is completed windows similar to those below will appear. In Add Printer window, click Next.

DigiNet Center & DigiNet Site – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Drag either to left or right. If the related external sensor starts working, connected camera starts recording. Run Health Monitor program on the desktop screen which appears when center program is set. Sit Watermark check to verify the image.

All networking requirements are available, from Hardware to Installation and Configuration. How to signal current image…… …………………………. Change to search mode How to setup 1 1 2 3 3 [Search mode] Select this button if you want to switch to search screen. Registered image from the bookmark is possible to be moved at once. Rebooting due to the power failure or disaster starts with split screen surveillance mode.

It only detects the motion within the period of set time. We think you have liked this presentation. How to connect Communication line… …7 1. Default is BMP format. Data of possible disk space, allocation status for each drive will be shown. Avoid any place that may shake the product Use the product in areas where it ventilates well. Time error problem does not occur which is due to Summertime. Government Diplomats and Dignitaries. When DirectX was not selected, all cards can be applied.


If using sound card to record voice and use 2Way Audio function, you need additional setting on Window for sound card. You need to reboot the system when the PPP setup is done. System setting for recording voice using sound card ……………98 6.

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And if they are not identicalthe connection will be disclosed. You can set it immediately and from 1 hour to more than 4 hours. K-Remote Backup Server