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Now it appears to be working perfectly on an open network. F5 D rev03 ver After moving to USA at the age of 24, I bought with my own income: After installing the driver, use the command “ndiswrapper -a” to link the driver to the card. This machine runs like a champ! As soon as the card is recognized it and the ndiswrapper kernel module loads fine, run. I was banging my head against the wall until I blacklisted the bcm43xx kernel module Fedora Core 5 – then things worked like a charm.

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Belkin F5D7011

What I’ll be assembling this weekend: Chaintech Geforece GT Sound: That’s my secret experimental 3D printer. Used ndiswrapper on a Fedora Core 2 distro.

Bootup to Desktop – 15 seconds! Ubuntu is just so much more fun: After moving to USA ibuntu the age of 24, I bought with my own income: For more info about networking Click Here.


Cedega doesn’t seem to be cuttin’ the cake for me. No native support in 8.

Ndiswrapper – List of cards supported – B

My machines I use the portable most of the time except when I work with video at home. Suppose if the router IP address is Whether the program actually uses that swap is a different story. I’m such a geek. The Belkin driver did not work for me, it loaded but failed to do anything useful whatsoever.

The camo one is my test box, it runs dual 1ghz with 1gig ram. If you could mount it to the underside of the lid, you would be worshipped as a god. Answered on Dec 15, Please note, does NOT work with netbc Answered on Jul 08, The card did not use the default 14E4: Dell Optiplex GX featuring: If you want, you can check here to activate it at boot time.

You can get the files needed here: I am quite impressed with the Mac Pro Logitech Clavier Multimedia Keyboard Mouse: What are you doing wrong? If it were still running WinXP and if I’d never found out about Linuxit probably wouldn’t have lasted more than two! I had to physically press the wireless network button-light, after that things worked perfectly!


Installing ndiswrapper with belkin wireless g plus notebook card

Extract to a new directory using unzip. MY Belkin F5D Question about F5D S wow very nice!

The old set up I had was well SYS, also had to use the 64 bit version from ftp: