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I also used an actual Windows98 machine and can’t confirm if it will work on anything else the provided paperwork states the drive is compatible with Windows95 as well. This video game -related article on computer hardware is a stub. InterAct offers Saves of the Week and save file contests and whenever InterAct updates the DexPlorer software, you’ll find the new version available on its site. For example — say you’ve saved a Turok 2 game. See all 5 brand new listings. We do not have means to reimburse already-purchased postage or cover return shipping in any other manner.

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And we’ll be using this thing to manage our many, many memory cards. InterAct releases a new product. We do carry multiple items in stock for most of our products and will first attempt to replace the item before providing a refund.

It was shipped to retail stores in January N64 Dexrive Unfortunately, you need two different DexDrives if you own both intfract PSX and an N64 — in order to keep costs down, InterAct chose to include only one controller slot per unit you can see the two different drives in the pic above. To contact us, please click on “ask a question” at the bottom of any of our product listings or simply click “contact us” on our store banner you may be asked to sign in again.

To have us tracking down your wanted items, we need you to login or create an account. Connects to one of your PC’s available serial ports. Intersct tried to make sure that the drive works well with all major Controller Paks out there, but you never know.


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Upload and Download PlayStation Game Saves onto the Internet Post your fastest racing laps onto the Internet and dare anyone and their mother to beat it. You can even upload and download game saves from the Web! I primarily tested the Dex Drive with original 1st-party Memory Cards, but many of Interacts own cards work with the device as well. You can even send your Mario Kart ghost data to your friends and challenge them to a race.

InterAct DexDrive PlayStation 1 to PC Memory Card Game Save Transfer Sv-1128

In the event shipping is not listed as free, you may calculate your shipping by clicking the “Shipping and Payments” tab above the item description on the product listing page. Other companies, like Midway, and Acclaim have also expressed an interest in supporting the device. The unit has rubber feet to prevent slipping we have ours placed on top of the PC case. N64 file on a floppy disk or, even better, e-mail it to a friend who dexxdrive has a DexDrive.

InterAct DexDrive PlayStation 1 to PC Memory Card Game Save Transfer Sv | eBay

The official cards had a capacity of only KB, far less than even a floppy disk. This device revolutionizes gaming by allowing you to copy and store game saves from a PlayStation compatible memory card to the hard drive of your PC. N64 file onto a memory card instead of copying the entire contents, simply by dragging the icon over to an empty slot on the memory card.

They take pride in their ability to add new items daily to our store and provide extremely fast shipping. The transferred files are the originals so the save will be exactly the same. I also used an actual Windows98 machine and can’t confirm if it will work on anything else the provided paperwork states the drive is compatible with Windows95 as well. In fact, as soon as we launched the software called DexPlorer it recognized the DexDrive right away.


Since the PlayStation has a built-in controller pak management menu that supports icons, it’s optically a bit nicer to look at the different game saves on DexPlorer.

Interact DexDrive

See all 5 brand new listings. The unit really opens up opportunities between long-distance Nintendo 64 users. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could view, or even back up the contents of the pak and make room for the TGR car?

Hopefully, the DexDrive will also encourage developers to include such neat dexdrjve as paint shops or customization screens can you imagine a create-your-own deathmatch level feature?

If a pak is prone to losing data when you use it with your games, it probably will screw up with the DexDrive once in a while as well. The DexDrive will immediately recognize the memory card and display the file headers in the DexPlorer window. See details for additional description. But there is more. Next to fan sites offering game saves, InterAct is also offers a website featuring all the latest DexDrive files to download: The manual has special instructions just for using their cards and from what little I used them they seemed to work fine.

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