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Not usable on ML Factory defaults are indicated in bold face italic. Lower front end of cartridge over printhead until it snaps into place. Page 21 Loading Rear-Feed Paper The rear-feed paper path is recommended for single-thickness, continuous fan-fold paper when printing spreadsheets, long reports, etc. Prints list of all Menu settings for current emulation. Hold the knob and remove the paper separator.

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Page 9 2 Introduction Page 10 Chapter 1: Never attach or remove the pull-up roller assembly when the paper separator is in the standing state. Includes stand and support.

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Page 70 Cleaning the Housing You should clean the printer every six months or after about hours of operation. Be sure paper is loaded. The movement of the left tractor is limited mircoline ensure that the paper will always contact the paper sensor when loaded. Push Tractor, Bottom-Feed Converts printer for feeding continuousform paper from the bottom. Page 17 Bottom feed continuous forms only, thickness to 0.



Page 30 Switching Paper Paths To switch from continuous-form feed from the rear or bottom optional push or pull tractor installed of the printer to single-sheet feed from the top: Turn off printer and use platen knob to back paper out carefully. It will then move down to the initial printing position. Page 50 To run the Font Test: Emulations In order to eliminate hundreds of different sets of printer commands, most printers emulate, or imitate, micro,ine of several general printers; i.


Close tractor covers and adjust left tractor to position edge of paper: Code patterns have been developed for 44 different alphabetic, numeric and graphic characters. Do not engage Forms Tear-off when printing on labels!

Handle the interface board with care to avoid damaging its components. Cable is not provided.

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Rear Feed Jams To clear a rear-feed paper jam: To load continuous-form paper from the rear: Page 28 Paper Handling Your printer has several handy paper handling features: To remove bottom-feed paper, press PARK button. Page 78 Appendix B: Holding ribbon cartridge with knob facing up and ribbon sheild facing platen, fit grooves on either side at back end of cartridge over pins on ribbon plate.


Resets Paper Out Alarm.

Connect suitable interface cable must be purchased separately to printer connector micdoline to serial port of your computer. Lift off pull-up roller assembly 62 2.

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Page 82 Bottom Margin. Flashes when the printer is in print suppress mode or power saving mode.

Interface cable and paper are sold separately. Remove the protective material. Goes back to previous Value in Menu.

Page 62 … the Alarm light is on microlline the Character Pitch 15 light is flashing? Turn knob in direction of arrow clock-wise to take up any slack in ribbon.

Open access cover and lift off pull-up roller assembly.