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Print jobs are queued as a job when the data for the first page is received. Display in Enlarge Display Mode If the hole-punch waste container is full, appears in the screen on the touch panel. Using the keypad, enter the limit value. The paper is low. The list of counters is printed. Indicates that there is little paper remaining.

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Page See p.

Indicates that the paper is empty. Page 96 Check the print result to make sure that the left minplta for the second side is adjusted to between 2. Check the print result to make sure that the left margin is adjusted to between 2. Note Be sure to replace the staple cartridge only after the message appears, otherwise the machine may be damaged. These stored copy programs can be recalled by touching [Copy Program Recall] on the Utility screen.


Indicates the amount of paper remaining. The paper size can be adjusted freely. This function is used to specify whether all modes and functions are automatically reset when the key counter is removed.


Thick2 Thick3 Touch [Expert Mode]. Page Close the front door of the finisher. To Set The “shut Off” Function between 15 and minutes. The test pattern is printed on A3-size paper. Touch [Priority exit tray]. Open the duplex unit door.

Konica Minolta 8031 Instruction Manual

Open the cover of the horizontal transport unit. Curled paper was loaded into Flatten the paper before loading the paper drawer. Page Finisher FS Transport guide Opened when clearing a paper misfeed within the finisher.

Keep it in the shipping box to be collected by your authorized service representative.

Select the desired color mode. Open the duplexing document feeder, and then carefully pull out any documents. If toner gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek professional medical minopta. Page Front door Touching [Exit] in the top-right corner displays the Basic screen again.

Konica Minolta 8031 Supplies

Touch [Enter], and then touch [Enter] again in the screen that appears. Peel off the tape from the staples. Fully insert the staple cartridge so that it locks into place.


Guide Carefully pull out the documents. If you get burned, immediately cool the skin under cold kinolta, and then seek professional medical attention. Note If stapling still cannot be performed, even after performing the above procedure, contact your authorized service representative. If you cannot make them legible, or if the caution label or indicator is damaged, please contact your authorized service representative for replacement labels.

Using the keypad, enter the administrator access code.

Konica Minolta – Toner Cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

The staple case is released. While holding misfeed-clearing guide FN2 open, pull out any paper. The specified Copy mode settings are displayed.