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It’s the same card used in the well-received Acer Travelmate WLMi , and it’s perfectly capable of running all the latest 3D titles at a decent lick, though you may have to turn the detail settings down on a few of the most demanding games. Given current and forseeable future prices, I’m more than OK with a 2 gigabyte memory limit on this laptop. In these instances the upper and lower portions of the screen can take on a gray haze. Although you can get laptops that theoretically allow you to use 4 gigabytes of memory, I doubt any of them have more than two SO-DIMM slots. Avoid installing the Catalyst Center software at all costs. I have found battery life to range between 2h 45m and 3h 15m. The keys are individually mounted and the pressure required to press them is homogeneous across the board.

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Every laptop I’ve owned, the LCD screen eventually gets scratched by the keyboard. Along the left side are media keys which play CDs even when the computer is off. The colorations of the w3m itself lend a great deal to the aesthetics of the machine. When I slapped s3j headphones on and plugged them into the W3J, I was pleasantly surprised how much crisper this sounded than the generic AC97 in my old Dell m.


Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of qsus features that The W3j is not such an exception. As to design there are only a few minor complaints. It’s a third-generation Centrino laptop, so it has qsus the funky Wi-Fi capabilities Additional software was minimal and easy to remove.

I also like the way there’s no latch on the screen. Or at least until 4 gigabytes of laptop memory costs less than an entire laptop.

Asus W3J Review (pics, specs)

I have used the local wireless connection multiple times in my home and office and have yet to find 3wj problem. The Asus W3j will undoubtedly serve me for 4 years in all manners necessary. I have as yet not had occasion to deal with Asus Technical Support. The W3j is a masterpiece.

ASUS W3J Laptop Review

It comes in sizes to fit any laptop perfectly the W3J uses aand they’re made in nearby San Francisco. Compare These Lenovo Yoga C It’s an Intel Centrino model, so there’s To recap, my requirements for a laptop were: If pressure is applied it exhibits a slight wobble.

The Radeon Mobility X is a great video card. There’s no tactile feedback of any kind when you move your finger from the normal touchpad area into the dedicated scroll area. This means colours may appear slightly warped when not watching from a central position. I don’t mind a blue LED on the power switch, since it’s on the right side of the hinge, and not directly in my line of sight.


The keyboard is very well executed in most respects. Being indecisive has its drawbacks, but a lack of patience is not one of them. As it stands the palm-rest is made of a high-grade plastic.

Given my itinerant occasionally consuming gaming habit, a mid-high range GPU was a strong factor in my choice to buy. After unpacking the laptop, I snapped the DVD-R drive out and snapped in the lightweight plastic “traveller’s bay” to reduce the overall weight.

Intel’s improved “HD” audio standard is a welcome improvement to the creaky, ancient AC97 audio standard. This computer is intended to last me through medical school, all the while satisfying my note taking and graphics needs.

Asus W3J Review (pics, specs)

The diligent student will realize that in specifications the Asus W3j is nearly identical to the Asus A8j and S96j. Also provided was a CD containing all necessary utilities and drivers, and a system restore disk. It’s bloated and slow. Simply stated, I love this computer.

I say this with one caveat. Core Asks 5 pounds maximum weight Dedicated video hardware Removable optical drive Laptops have outsold desktops sincedepending on whose data you believe.