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Unfortunately, Conexant and many other vendors who used the reference 3. Otherwise you must read Q4. I’m not sure they all use BT8xx chips. It is possible to find them using a search engine even today. If you see your tuner in the compatibility list, there is nothing to worry about. AddReg] section of the bt Also of interest is the note on getting sound to work with a bttv device:

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If your card is based on the older bt chip, you’ll probably see some garbage stripes in the video picture. I may have missed a couple of options. This page was last modified on 10 Septemberat My capture hardware is based on the bt chip, not the bt If your card is not listed, see the ” How to add support for a device ” article. See also Q6 Top Q5: It follows the standard installation of the bttv driver for DVB as it is included in new kernels.

Otherwise you must read Q4. However, I am still unable to capture anything.

I’m not sure they all use BT8xx chips. As a result Windows will be unable bh878 installation to know the hardware exactly and will use the first compatible device driver found — usually “bt tweaked WDM Video Capture. It can be produced by several vendors Philips, Temic, Alps Bttv devices are collectively those PCI cards that are based upon either a BtBt or Fusion A chip, and which are supported under Linux by the bttv and associated kernel driver modules.


– tweaked bt WDM drivers >> FAQ

Retrieved from ” https: The value in the [bt Sorry, but I can’t add it based on this. Unfortunately, Conexant and many other vendors who used the reference 3. These allow you to “spy” on some of the bt8x8 settings while other TV software controls your tuner. The possible values are 0xC0 or 0xC2. Where did this driver come from? Later Conexant closed the download but the sources were spread over the Internet. This is what I’ve done Debian Sarge testing, kernel version 2.

This slowdowns your PC a bit, and the wrapper grabs only one TV signal field. I think it would be possible to modify their wrapper to solve this problem but unfortunately I do not have the free time and special equipment needed to work on it.

Bt878 and example btvid3.c Driver Tips

This is a general howto here. The change can be made using a registry editor after you install, or by editing the Bt Testing your DVB device. It might work, but if there’s a more specific one for your specific card in this wiki, you should use that one. However, I still am unable to capture anything.


I thought someone would polish these drivers and give them a commercial quality, because in their original state there were many bugs and limitations, but nobody started Some bt capture cards have a single chip on board and four inputs on the card’s Chlpset riser.

Thus, I can not provide a support for your particular capture board until I have one for testing purposes. Will your driver work for me?

Each hardware vendor developed its own implementation of features that were not in the VFW standard. So, is your driver right for me?