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The very basic LED we used in our previous post has a power of 45mW go ahead, take the datasheet and do the math, it is an interesting exercice, post your results below! It has no relation to libmodbus. See also the “wire-less” section for other communications channels without wires, e. The instructions are embedded as comments in the front of the code. Either use this to simplify?

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It extracts speed, direction, location, course, date, and time, but consumes only about bytes of RAM. It has cap key and space key for 12 key pad and more functions for 16 key pad.

Choosing an high-power LED

One note of interest is the PINA port, which is generally used to read inputs. This allows you to get date, heading, latitude and longitude from the GPS module.

SevenSeg Highly flexible library for using Arduino to drive a seven segment display directly at the output pins of an Arduino or through transistors. This is not enough to light anything so you will quickly want to use much more powerful LEDs. It is intended for iether for master and slave devices. Playing sampled sounds Synthesizers and sound generation Mozzi sound synthesis library with familiar audio and control rate synthesis units like oscillators, delays, filters and envelopes.


Anemometer wind speed meter Thermal Anemometer. So how are we multiplying numbers together and computing this interpolation? Either use this to simplify? Arduino EEProm wear leveling – A basic library to manage variables with wear leveling.

Works with and other BLE boards. SparkFun has the WiFly Shield.

Send or receive Morse Twice as loud, higher quality, much higher frequencies, much smaller compiled code size, volume control, uses timer 1 and less stress on speakers. I arrived at the above values through experimentation on my board, in an attempt to get a rainbow of approximately constant intensity across the color spectrum. Implements new initialization method unencrypted data from the Wii Nunchuk. Here is a blog describing how to connect to an internet chat server using the Arduino and a Lantronix ethernet module.

Arduino software and shield compatible board drives 70 LEDs through 70 individual channels i. WinAVRwhich contains avr-gcc for compilation, avrdude for programming, and some other tools which allow you to accomplish the same things from the commandline. Arduino on other Chips. Megasquirt Serial Driver is a library around the MegaSquirt 2 ECU, providing an interface from Arduino to the controller with a high level of abstraction.

So instead of the common pin going to ground it will go to Vcc and the signal wires go low to ground. Background and commentary can be found here and here. Uses ADB, works with Android 1.


High Power 3W RGB LED

TV remote to send “keystrokes”. This library gives it easy editing, scrolling text and so on.

Primarily intended for 16×2 to 24×4 style character displays. Serial Serial command handler for decoding commands in serial messages and calling functions or setting variable values. It is built on top of “new” LiquidCrystal library i2c, 4 wires, 8 coolon-hgh and other interfaces are supported and is able to support different LCD sizes 16×2, 20×4, This section has links to different USB firmware resources.

Triple Output High Power RGB LED – Thingbits Electronics

Code to read the MS or compatible sensor: The second function cooolon-highjust executes pwmCycle several times, effectively holding the LEDs at the current brightness for a short interval. Schematic for driving 5V DC relays using an optical coupler and a transistor connected to an Arduino pin, which is protected by the optical coupler. The next step is to actually send the program to the microprocessor, which is accomplished by the program-usbtiny target.

This time, it gets impressive!