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Sudheer, This is an excellent question. As his focus was on another project at the time, I ended up being the one getting my feet wet. It was very helpful for to decide what to use for automation. We also tended to run into issues with the tests being brittle due to timing issues. You would only want to include this module in classes that are indeed page objects.

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Gem Update – Watir Project

Next Post A different kind of retro In this case we are assigning the browser variable to a globally accessible variable for each test run. Can you share one? When I start scenarios I get the next error:. Thank you for the prompt reply. Rather than just blindly using the JAVA implementation of Selenium, our test engineer suggested that we take a look at Watir as an alternative. I am all set for now but any explanation about the wrong number of arguments will help.

Give this a try: Let me know if this works. Reverting to Ruby lexer.

Installing ruby with cucumber on a linux machine (Ubuntu)

Hi Cheezy, I am wwtir-webdriver Ruby newbie and the book is helping me a lot, very useful and easy to follow. What about the second.


Watir-WebDriver Watir is short for Web Application Testing in Ruby is a Ruby gem which allows you to upate your browser make it click a button, submit a form, wait for some text to appear before continuing, and so on.

The URI how ever seems to be perfectly valid. I will also cover the proper updatee to structure and write your test automation code so that it is less brittle, simpler, better organized, more expressive, and therefore easier to change watir-webcriver the lifecycle of your application.

The problem I am having is with the Puppies adoption website. Thank you very much! Is there a way to run the 3 scenarios in parallel? I should start by saying that I am behind a corporate firewall and the only watir-wdbdriver I could get the gems installed was to go to the RubyGems website and download one at a time as I was made aware of the dependencies, and then install from the download folder.

Resolving dependencies… Could not find addressable As his focus was on another project at the time, I ended up being the one getting my feet wet.


Sudheer, Please update to the latest version of RubyMine. I seem to be stuck on the first cucumber project.

The second line in the above snippet, for example, will click on the third checkbox element it finds. It has greatly helped me achieve QA goals I was assigned. I am not understanding this block of code. Thanks for your message.

If you want to simple click on a textarea you could do:. With Chrome Web Driver, it errors like: I got below error. The database was full.

For example a list of emails. Instead, it points to them. How should the step definition now read then please? In the future, I may add additional posts for more complicated Watir tests, as well as demonstrate the Page Object Pattern, which can watlr-webdriver used to simplify the tests even further.