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There are nine and modular cell battery options available as well for those who need more time away from the power grid. Message 1 of 7. There is also a 56k modem for those still in the dark ages of internet connectivity. For users which demand more space at the desktop, display versions with up to x pixels are also offered. ThinkVantage Password Manager 4. The touchpad felt a wee bit smaller than I am used to.

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Review IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Z61m Notebook – Reviews

NET Framework Version 2. Only the S-Video port is placed for our taste a little to far to the front. The Z61m has dedicated keys for Home and End which pleases me greatly as I use them frequently.

I may have to dump the T42 for a Core Duo machine even though it will hurt the wallet! For optimal performance you can choose between a variety aufio CPUs and video solutions. Right now the Core Duo is king of the hill.

ThinkPad Z61m and Z61p notebook models include a three-year special bid on-site warranty

All I can say is this is most assuredly not true in this case with the Z61m. Right side view of the of Z61m view large image. The whole widescreen vs.


But, thank you for trying to help. It will be interesting if the Intel Merom processor debuts in August, as has been rumored. Rescue and Recovery 4. I did find myself miss-hitting them a few times.

The ports are clearly marked along the edge of the keyboard. Unlike most other notebooks buttons I have used which make clicking noises when using them, these buttons make no such loud noise.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z61m Review (pics, specs)

If closed, it covers exactly the base unit and prevents the penetration of dirt and foreign objects in the interspace between display and keyboard. So, the other day, I was deleting some programs off of my laptop that I don’t use anymore, and somehow I guess I deleted some of my sound driver stuff.

I think people by now know what that means, the best laptop keyboard known to man. It certainly worked well enough. The Z61m will start qudio relatively modestly with the Celeron M all the way to aidio dinero with all the do-dads. The indestructible hinges and the Clamshell design of the display are such.

Also the input devices are first class. I can’t listen to any music on my computer anymore, and it doesn’t play the startup sound anymore either. During iibm use, it got warm, but never uncomfortable to use. I did however notice a few scratches on the lid after a few weeks of normal use.


I would describe the feel of the Z61m as substantial.

I just look at my T42 and it gets three fingerprints. The Thinkpad Z61m’s interfaces are reasonably ordered. Patch to fix compatibility issue between Client Security Solution 8. The screen is secured to the base using metal hinges.

The speakers are alright for non-demanding background music. Please share our article, every link counts! However, you can choose between different CPUs for this notebook.

ThinkPad Z61m and Z61p notebook models include a three-year special bid on-site warranty

To say I liked it would be an aurio. I could not test this feature. Since it is the most multi-media oriented of ThinkPads, perhaps a DVI connector would have been a nice enhancement. I had to open it with two hands every time.