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I actually have 2 of these antennas now as I was able to repair the damaged one from the tree fall. Keep in mind, listed prices are subject to change. I decided to use the other half of this divider to keep connecting leads shorter. The vertical wire is the only radiating element, and is omni-directional. It is also stuck in the 17 MHz band.

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Intriguing enough to keep experimenting with software and DX the mode from time to time. I have acquired the necessary equipment to operate without noisy inverters.

I have been intriqued with the hobby of “DXing” seeking distant signals on the AM broadcast band Medium Wave sincewhen I started keeping a log. Mt Rainier is visible from the rooftop. Korea displwy with clear decodes. One trace has to be cut and several others jumpered on the power supply rails.

Drake R7 and Realistic DX-300 Repair

All and on logs utilizing the 2-EL Monobander. This installation provides an excellent example of retrofitting a frequency counter.

The added trimmer makes quick work of putting it back on frequency when required. Both units have been discontinued. As previously mentioned, these caps drop in conveniently right over the power rails.

It offers user-variable custom bandwidth, a powerful tool not available on the Sony. Really enjoyable to have a night like this with YaND 6.


I have been DXpeditioning there annually during an October weekend since Of particular interest is its ability to operate on incoming signals at low frequencies and with slow rise times. The function of block 3 is to produce an accurate time base to gate the incoming clock signal in block 2. DXing them has become a challenging niche of the radio hobby.

Replacement antennas and parts are at QTH.

A big breakthrough in DGPS reception, it decodes the whole band at once and only Message 6’s and 9’s can be selected for accuracy. Typically, after the first year of operation, the aging rate slows down significantly.

Everything just fell into place with room to spare. Medium wave was less affected displzy the noise and was full of loud Hawaiians, NHK and commercial Japanese with lots of play-by-play baseball up and down the dial and a few Koreans as well.

Mp display driver | jorowitovem

Anyway thanks so far and Ill keep you posted! Build quality of the new motor seems a bit questionable. Using an assortment of resistor packs, it was easy to determine the degree of brightness I wanted just by swapping them out. October 10, 11 The screws used here must be long enough to run completely through the brackets, RS board, spacers, and metal housing which you will then secure with nuts.


All of these counters are based on a marvelous chip developed in the s: Info and happenings below Khz. Figure 3 shows the completed board top side and the unmodified board foil side.

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting | Nuts & Volts Magazine

The other end is terminated with a standard RCA phono plug. Performance specs are similar to my APS and the build quality is considerably higher.

I decided to use the other displlay of this divider to keep connecting leads shorter. The “Rockwork 4” cliffside site in Oregon in particular should maximize the advantage of this FSL and its small profile. I missed some known active stations in the far NW of the state due to loop orientation and daylight paths. One k54826p still enjoy DX from a hotel balcony or beach nearby with one of these and an “ultralight” like the CCrane Skywave or Grundig G8 I own bothand capture exotic station IDs and music.